About Us

Mission Statement

Dignity, respect and compassion are the three core beliefs of New Life Transitional Services, Inc. Because we believe that healthcare and safe living environments are a fundamental human right, we are committed to creating opportunity, solutions and change, grounded in respect and self-determination for individuals and for our community. New Life Transitional Services, Inc ensures quality cognitive, behavioral and physical support programs for those in need.


New Life Transitional Services, Inc is based in Tampa, Florida and has operated since August
2016 as a community-based organization and provider of healthcare, housing, and related
services for special needs clients suffering from a wide variety of cognitive, behavioral and
physical disabilities.

As an organization, our mission and purpose are two-fold. As a community organization, we are advocates for change in our community. We partner with other organizations in the area to raise awareness to issues sensitive to the citizens of our community. We frequently participate in local homelessness campaigns, Black Lives Matter-sponsored peaceful demonstrations, and other community-based initiatives.

Board of Directors

Tiffany Richburg

Executive Director

Keiven Minter

Director of Finances

Leslie Jacobs

Director of Human Resources

Yaketa Stukes

Director of Marketing

Bobby Bellany

Director of Community Relations
New Life Transitional Services, Inc is a growing organization that plans to serve clients throughout Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco and surrounding counties in Florida. Our residences will include single-sex residences that cater to specific cognitive or physical issues. We are currently in negotiations with local real estate agents and investors to secure our first transitional housing unit. All New Life properties will be fully equipped with linens, laundry facilities, phone, utilities, and personal televisions. New Life Transitional Services, Inc’s goal is to add 2-3 properties per year for the next five years, starting with our two first pilot homes: New Life Veteran’s Way (our Veteran-specific home) and New Life Self Discovery (our sober living home).