Our Programs

Community Service

As an organization, New Life Transitional Services, Inc is dedicated to giving back to the community. We partner with other community organizations and participate in local events aimed at Empowering and Enriching the residents of Tampa, Florida. We are an organization that cares…#NewLifeTransitionalCares
Application and Screening Process

Unlike most providers that have a checklist of requirements, we prefer to take a holistic approach. Most of our clients typically originate via a shared referral source. In general our clients:
1. Have verifiable income
2. Can live independently, participate in residential duties and have medical needs contracted through a third party provider
3. Have not been convicted of a sexual offense

Our notable achievements in 2020 include:

August 2020-- Back to School Gift Card Giveaway: With COVID-19, large numbers of residents are facing unemployment and/or lost wages. We gifted one $250 gift card to help with the back to school costs for a needy family.
  • October 2020–Speak Up Domestic Violence Donation Event: In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we organized our First Annual Speak Up! Domestic Violence Event. We donated over $1000 of supplies to The Spring of Tampa Bay, a local domestic violence shelter serving women and children.
  • November 2020–Rock The Vote Campaign: We volunteered over 10 hours at local polling stations during Early Voting in Hillsborough County. We successfully launched a campaign to encourage citizens to exercise their right to vote, with special focus on Voters of Color.
Poll Picture 1
Poll Picture 2
December 2020--Holiday Food and Toy Drive--We are organizing our First Annual Toy Drive to benefit a local organization that provides support and services to homeless families. We will be collecting donations to purchase toys for a needy family.

Landlord Partnership Program

We are looking to partner with local landlords and property owners to grow our business. If you have a rental property that is not generating income, please contact us at info@nlths.org.

New Life Transitional Services, Inc fills the much-needed void between expensive Assisted Living Facilities, Community Mental Health Partial Hospitalization Programs, and skilled cognitive and behavioral health counseling services.

Our Residential Housing Program will start at $600 monthly for shared rooms and $700 monthly for single rooms. All of our residences are same-sex units and are alcohol and drug free. Below is a list of services included in monthly rent